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"XL" Mancage  assembled with Wire rope sling inhouse

New custom-build Large Man Cage with wire rope sling assembled for our customer!



In-house Destructive Testing on Wire Rope

Destructive Testing on Wire Rope...

Tremie Concrete Work - Cementing Operation

Concrete Pouring - Part of Bored-Piling Process...

We have got a custom-made Man Cage ready!

We have got a made-to-order ManCage out for the New Year 2021! 

Performing Proof Load Testing of Wire rope In-house

We are testing 35X7, 10mm wire-rope at 40KN loading on our Talurit Test Bed today! Follow Us 

Our In-house Thimble Eye Mechanical Splicing

Let's throw in a thimble to our wire rope!

Abrasive damages due to excessive contact with edges during rigging operations are common, as such, we need to protect our wire-ropes from such damages. Adding a thimble to our wire-rope thus becomes a necessity to overcome this problem.