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CNY2024 Closure Period

CNY 2024 Store Closure Period - For Information - STL, SING TECK LEONG

Wishing Everyone a Happy an Prosperous Chinese/ Lunar New Year 2024

Cold Socketing Procedure - Wirelock on Spelter Socket

STL preferred socketing solution with safety, dependability and excellent fatigue performance in mind for the Steel Wire Rope end termination. Cold Socketing Procedure, Using Wirelock on Spelter Socket

Load Test on Spreader Beam - Lifting Gear Re-certification

Load Testing on Speader Beam, Test Service to meet regulatory requirements, in compliance of the examination and testing requirements for statutory lifting equipment

2023 HIRING Update! Career / Jobs Opportunities in STL

NEW YEAR 2023 Update! WE ARE HIRING NOW! New Career opportunities at Sing Teck Leong.

30-Tons Snatch Block for Load Test

We received an Extra-Large sized Snatch Block (or Pulley Block some may call it) to be inspected and proof load tested. This 30T Snatch Block Giant is almost 100X heavier than our 0.5T baby snatch block ;) 

A-Frame Gantry for Vertical Load Testing

STL Test Services has included a new A-Frame, Vertical Load Testing Gantry, introducing new versatility to its in-house load testing capability. Using in tandem with the newly acquired Digital Load Cell, accurate and reliable result can be produced more efficiently.