News & Events from May 2021

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News & Events from May 2021

How we produce the Soft (Turn-Back) Eye Mechanical Splice Wire Rope Sling in-house!

Check out how our team manage to produce the large diameter wire rope ( turn back eye splice) sling efficiency.

Production of Wire Rope Sling ( 2-legged) Assembly

Wire Rope Sling (2-leg) Production - Our Short Clip

Our 2nd Material Bucket built within a Week!

Rugged material bucket customized for heavy material storage, transportation...    

Check out our Material Bucket for transporting heavy materials!

New construction bucket for our customer to transport heavy materials!

Visual Walk on our Production Floor & Office: Sing Teck Leong

Never been to Sing Teck Leong & wondering how our Production Floor & Office looks like...?