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Load Testing

Load Testing

A proof load test is a process that requires the lift/pull of a specific type of material (the steel wire rope or chain) using specially designed proof load test machines. With the lift/pull, the system is able to measure the tensile strength and load capacity of the material based on elongation under force.

Proof Load Test performed on lifting gears, and/or equipment ensures the capability of lifting the designated load without any issues. From the static pull test, a controlled, measured application of force over a specific amount of time period, typically from 1.1 to 1.5 times of the designated load or the maximum set working load (MAWL), is given to the test-material / equipment, to ensure it exceeds the requirements.

To ensure accuracy of the verified proof load on the test gears, STL introduced the usage of Digital Load Cell* - the DLM Tensile Link (TL-3.0) together with the Telemetry Handheld (TW-3.0) to validate the Load Test Results.


*DLM digital test load cell introduced in STL on August 2023, for load test on test gear, like chain block/hoist, lever block hoist, plain trolley, snatch blocks, shackles and other rigging/lifting gears.

Check out some of the performed Load Test by STL below...

Verticle Load Testing on Spreader Beam



Horizontal Load Testing on Wire Rope Sling



Load Testing on Mobile Crane (Using Physical Load/Weights)




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