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Steel Wire Rope Coiling

Steel Wire Rope Coiling

Without the necessary tools, equipment, and skill-set, steel wire-ropes can suffer serious damages from seemingly easy procedures like coiling, reeling, and even re-winding. 

Our team is equipped with the above-mentioned capabilities to help carry the required task to avoid potential damages to the steel wire ropes, as well as to avoid injuries to handling operators that may arise from improper techniques.

We can help with proper coiling and re-coiling of your wire ropes...

Do let us know about your needs & requirements, we are more than glad to assist you with your coiling related issues.

Some simple procedure we in STL follow through when performing wire rope reeling:


1.SECURE Wire Rope Sling Eye for ease of coiling on Reel
2.MEASURE Wire Rope coiled using Material Measuring Counter
3.ALIGN Wire Rope as the Reeling Machine starts coiling process
4.SECURE Wire Rope Sling End onto Reel
5.SEAL up coiled Wire Rope with Plastic Wrap
6.UNLOAD completed Wire Rope reel for delivery


Recoiling for our customers...



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