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Annealing and Tapering

Annealing and Tapering

Our wire rope annealing machines twists the wire rope off by annealing. Current is applied to heat the wire when the rope is clamped. When the rope is red hot; it is then twisted. After twisting, the rope is slightly rounded and the wires will not unwind. Please compare the annealed and the square cut ends below

By increasing the distance between the clamping chucks the wire end becomes more pointed, e.g. ideal for excavating machines etc.

With the expertise of our skilled workers, and utilizing our powerful in-house procured Talurit Annealer, we are able to produce wire-rope ends that are slightly rounded with a nicely tapered tip.

Annealed and tapered wire-rope not only resolves the untwisting problems often encountered, but it also makes the wire rope easier for installation into various types of fittings.

See below for the finishing-stage of the process being done in-house:

Heating up the clamped-up wire-rope


Heated to red-hot and twisting starts


Twist and pull to breakage point


Snap-off with tapered & slightly rounded tip


The final look



Feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can help you with this service, and any other enquiries which you may have. 

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