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Information Sharing

For Information and Knowledge-based sharing

Our Top Rigging & Lifting Products at a Glance.

Showcasing our top products with visuals updated with their chinese naming for ease of referencing. 

Hiring Accounts Assistant now!

Current Hiring for Accounts Assistant

Career Opportunities

NEW Update! WE ARE HIRING NOW! New Career opportunities at Sing Teck Leong.

Trademarks / Registered Trademarks of our Lifting Sling Assembies
News Flash! JTC Awards Gul Avenue Tender to SING TECK LEONG

JTC Awards Gul Avenue Tender to SING TECK LEONG

Wire Ropes :  How Different  Strand Construction Looks Like

Identifying the common wire rope construct...

YES! WE DID IT! Our Glorious Moment!
Test Bed ( 100T Talurit Equipment ) Calibration

It's our Test-Bed Calibration Day!  

Our Product Portfolio

A quick glance at some of the products we provide...

How to differentiate wire rope lay types

Let us zoom into how the common wire rope lays look like...