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Steel Wire Rope Sling Assembly

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ROPECO® Steel Wire Rope Sling assembly offers flexibility and high strength for various lifting and rigging activities.

ROPECO® slings can be customized to suit your specific application;  Choose from different types of lifting gears, such as shackles, hooks, clamps, etc., and different configurations, such as single legged or multiple legged slings. ROPECO® slings can also be adjusted to the required capacity and working environment of your project.

Please input the steel wire rope sling assembly configurations that is required, in the remarks box below, or contact us for more information...

Some of the common assemblies as below:  


Production Slideshow:

You may click on the link below to check out our short slideshow on the 2-legged steel wire rope sling production process.

Link: Slide Show on 2-legged steel wire rope sling production


ROPECO®, Our Registered TradeMark for Steel Wire Rope Slings by SING TECK LEONG in Singapore.