Fabrication House

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Fabrication House

Through our expertise from the fabrication house, we are able to customize customers' required specifications for individual application needs.

Provide us with your construction needs, or enquire with us on thoughts and we can discuss over to meet your application requirements.

Feel free to make an inquiry for a quotation on your specific demand.

Our Product Portfolio

A quick glance at some of the products we provide...

Our 2nd Material Bucket built within a Week!

Rugged material bucket customized for heavy material storage, transportation...    

Check out our Material Bucket for transporting heavy materials!

New construction bucket for our customer to transport heavy materials!

Round Concrete Column Bucket Ready to Go!

Our newly fabricated round concrete column bucket ready to ship...

"XL" Mancage  assembled with Wire rope sling inhouse

New custom-build Large Man Cage with wire rope sling assembled for our customer!



We have got a custom-made Man Cage ready!

We have got a made-to-order ManCage out for the New Year 2021! 

Fresh from Fab. House - Side Unloading Bucket
Fresh from Fab. House

New build bucket...All Ready for customer's bored-piling work!