How we produce Wire Rope (Turn Back Eye Splice ) Sling efficiency

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How we produce the Soft (Turn-Back) Eye Mechanical Splice Wire Rope Sling in-house!

calendar icon May 10, 2021

It is often a laborious and time-consuming task to manufacture a large-diameter wire rope sling; especially in the turnback eye splicing (mechanical) process, where coordination work to handle the heavy wire rope to achieve the sling eye accuracy is most critical. Other than the manual effort involved, the process also poses certain injury risk for the operator/ technician performing it if they are not careful.

In Sing Teck Leong, in order to eliminate the above undesirable impact, we have invested in acquiring the 1000T Talurit RBS Swager to assist in the wire rope sling production. The RBS acts as a mechanical assistant, to help the user form the sling (turn back) eye shape with accuracy and sets it for swaging, hence relieving our team of the laborious handling work and improving the work productivity.  

Check out on our short video below to see how our team produces the large diameter wire rope sling ( focusing on the turn back eye splice process ) using the RBS swager.



Looking at multiple legged slings instead? check out the link below, where we assemble & produce a 2-legged thimble-eye sling.


Need any help to produce your wire rope slings? Feel free to contact us!

Production of Wire-Rope Sling ( Turn back eye splice )
Posted by T.F