Calibrating our Talurit Test Bed

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Test Bed ( 100T Talurit Equipment ) Calibration

calendar icon July 26, 2021

In order  to ensure the proof load testing results are accurate ( within accepted tolerance, manufacture's standard ), always repeatable and reliable, "calibration" of the test equipment is neccessary.

Calibration can be define briefly as a comparison the instrument's ( test bed ) reading against a device of know accuracy ( load cell measurement system ) to verify its operation to specifications.

With the above process in place, if the test equipment varies away from specifications over time due to prolonged usage, we will be able to identify and rectify that issue through equipment adjustment ( another calibration form )

Below shows the setup and calibration  of our 100Tons Talurit Test Bed in-house...


If you have any queries on load testing, feel free to contact us for more details.

Test Bed Calibration