STL in-house Load Test on mobile workshop crane

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Testing mobile crane ( engine crane ) on-site

calendar icon June 23, 2021

Our Test Target of the day: Mobile Workshop Crane also commonly known as an engine crane ( WLL at 750kg )

Our Physical Test Weight (Load):  3 runs, in 500Kg, 750Kg & 900kg

Main Observation: All 3 runs of  loading manually jacked up to the "hold-position" of  ~10cm off the level ground & hold for a minimum of 5 minutes.


Quick run-through on the loading proceedings with 900kg test load ( 120% of 750kg Working Load Limit ) 



Check out a short clip taken on the 1st run at testpoint of 500kg loading below...


For any enquires, feel free to conatct us for more information.


STL - In-house test services : Proof Load Testing on Mobile Workshop Crane