Performing Wirelock, cold socketing in STL

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Performing Cold Socketing - using WIRELOCK

calendar icon June 17, 2021

When we look at wire rope termination, socketing with resin is one of the few methods that could help achieve 100% termination efficiency / loading efficiency; and when we zoom into the resin compound to be used, WIRELOCK®  is certainly the top runner - industry leader in facilitating socketing solution, best known for its safety, dependability & excellent fatigue performance!

At Sing Teck Leong, the WIRELOCK® solution is always our preferred method in Socketing of Wire Ropes. Let us go through the steps briefly in the 2-parts pictorial from the socketing process performed in-house below...

PART 1. The Preparation Phase - Mainly involving the (i) thorough cleaning of of the fully broomed wire rope & the socket to be installed; (ii) setting up of socket for WIRELOCK compound filling.  

Wirelock Preparation

PART 2. The WIRELOCK Socketing Process Phase - Mainly involving the (i) mixing of the WIRELOCK resin & powder compound; (ii) filling up the socket & curing

Wirelock Process

That is all for now... for more details and enquiries to perform cold-socketing for your appliacation, feel free to contact us!

Performing cold socketing inhouse with WIRELOCK compound