STL On-Site Testing & Services

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STL On-Site Testing & Services

STL provides a wide range of Test Services, such as Destructive (DT) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), which include the highly demanded Proof Load Testing of Lifting Gears and equipment. Other than Testing, Certification and Re-certification from Professional Engineer (PE) & Ministry of Manpower (MOM) services are also available in STL Services.

Cold Socketing Procedure - Wirelock on Spelter Socket

STL preferred socketing solution with safety, dependability and excellent fatigue performance in mind for the Steel Wire Rope end termination. Cold Socketing Procedure, Using Wirelock on Spelter Socket

30-Tons Snatch Block for Load Test

We received an Extra-Large sized Snatch Block (or Pulley Block some may call it) to be inspected and proof load tested. This 30T Snatch Block Giant is almost 100X heavier than our 0.5T baby snatch block ;) 

A-Frame Gantry for Vertical Load Testing

STL Test Services has included a new A-Frame, Vertical Load Testing Gantry, introducing new versatility to its in-house load testing capability. Using in tandem with the newly acquired Digital Load Cell, accurate and reliable result can be produced more efficiently.

Destructive Testing on 37X7X30MM Steel Wire Rope Sling

We welcome our value customer to our Test Site, observing the Destructive Testing Process on the 37X7, 30mm Steel Wire Rope with Spelter Socketing; followed by a close-up view on the destructed test gear, together with the STL team.  

Load Testing with DLM Digital Load Cell

To ensure accuracy and better control of the verified proof load on the test gears, STL introduced the DLM Digital Load Cell into its Load Testing protocol, providing the control to validate the Load Test Results with direct feedback on real time...


New MOM system requirements as mandated by MOM, Refer to the 3 key changes/further requirement for LA/LM registration for seamless processing of Test Certificates by our AE/PE

Destructive Testing on 2-legged Chain Sling in SING TECK LEONG, STL Test Site

Destructive Testing on 10mm X 2 legged Alloy Chain Sling!

Periodic Calibration - 100T Talurit Test Bed

TALURIT 100T Test Bed Calibration, STL Strives to provide QUALITY load testing results to our value customers, as such ensuring our test equipment consistently produces accurate and reliable results through periodic calibration is our priority commitment to customers.

Load Testing (Vertical Pull Test) on Mobile Crane

Performing a Load Test not using the Test Bed but Physical Weights; Check out our in-house Mobile Crane (engine crane) Load Testing with physical Test Weights. 

Performing Cold Socketing - using WIRELOCK

Socketing with resin is one of the few methods that could help achieve 100% termination efficiency / loading efficiency. Let us go through the cold socketing process together using WIRELOCK®