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Time to replace our Shackle?

calendar icon May 17, 2022

Shackles are commonly found, and being used extensively as primary connecting links in the industries involving rigging and lifting.  Wear and tear may occur upon prolonged usage of the shackles in the long run, or it may be subjected to damages due to improper handling , or usages; as such if these shackles in doubt are in continual usage, it may result in some unexpected failures which may result in an accident in the workplace, which should be avoided at all cost.  


So the question is how do we know if the shackle is still operation worthy? 

Based on the Singapore Standards, SS343-3:2014 - Specification for lifting Gear - Part 3: Shackles 

a list of replacement criteria is used to determine if we should take a shackle out for replacement. We have extracted the information and listed them down below, in summary, for general references.

Details/ Indications of failure mode  to check:

  • Tag & Identification missing or illegible
  • Indications of heat damage, weld spatter , arc strikes
  • Cracks, nicks,  gouges
  • Bent, twisted, distorted, stretched, elongated, cracked, broken load-bearing components
  • 10% reduction of dimension ( original/ catalogue) at any point around body / pin
  • Incomplete pin engagement
  • Excessive thread damage
  • Evidence of unauthorized welding
  • Visible damages or conditions that cause doubt for  continual usage

If any of the above failures are found on the shackle, then  it should be taken out of operation for replacement!

If you are in doubt of the checking criteria, feel free to call/ contact us for a quotation; our team of subject matter experts will assist on the inspection of your shackles/ lifting gears. 

Our team can also assist in the MOM/ PE  certification / recertification of your lifting gears if you requires such a service.




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Posted by T.F