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Our Annealing work

calendar icon December 09, 2020

Fuse and tapering or Anneal and tapering, as you can call it, is a common procedure to completely fuse the wire-rope-strands together through heating, and followed by twisting & pulling to break off the wire-rope creating a tapered finish ends.

Equipped with our powerful Talurit annealing machine, we can produce wire-ropes that are slightly rounded & tapered finish ends, that will not unravel or flare-open during installation & usage.

Annealed and tapered not only resolves the untwisting problems often encountered, it also makes the wire rope easier for installation into various types of fittings.

Let us briefly go through the steps for better visualization of the process...


Below: our completed batch of annealed wire ropes ready to ship to our customers...


Any queries?

we can help you resolve the wire-rope issues that you may have...Feel free to contact us for more information.

Annealing and Tapering work performed using in-house Talurit Annealer