Common Wire Rope Construction Types

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Wire Ropes : How Different Strand Construction Looks Like

calendar icon August 10, 2021

There are 4 common types of wire rope constructions we can often find being used in the construction industry.

  • Standard Construction
  • Seale Construction
  • Filler Construction 
  • Warrington Construction

Before we look at how each of the above looks like, let us have a quick look at the parts making up a common wire rope for more understanding on its appearance...

The wire rope is made up of stranding wires, with the strands closing around a core usually made up fiber ( natural/synthetic ) or steel. Look at the dissected wire-rope picture (below) for a clearer view on its appearance. 


Generally, wire rope made up from few large-wire strands will be more abrasive resistance, and less flexible than a wire rope made up from more small-diameter wire strands.

 Now, with a fresh picture of how the wire rope appears like, let us move ahead to look at the 4 common wire rope construct as mentioned

Example of the 4 types of Construct        


  • Standard/ Single Layer: All wires same diameter (only core may vary) 
  • Seale: Same numbers of wires in layer 1 (inner) & layer 2 (outer); Layer 2 having larger diameter (1+n+n)
  • Filler: 2X numbers of wires in layer 2 (outer) against layer 1 (inner), with “Filler” wires insert between layer 1 & 2
  • Warrington: 2X numbers of wires in layer 2 (outer) against layer 1 (inner); Layer 2 consist of 2 dimensions (2 diameters)

More examples on the above 4 common construct:


There are also many other types of strand constructions available in the market, one of them is a combination strand construction type known as the Warrington Seale (WS), which has a Warrington construct in the inner layer, with the outer layer per Seale construct, this construction is typically known for its superior fatigue resistance and flexibility.


A typical Warrington Seale construct Wire Rope overview can be visualize from the picture below:


That's all for now... do feel free to let us know if you have any enquires on your wire rope needs. 

Wire Rope Construct