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Lifting Solutions & Services

Testing and Certification / Re-Certification

Testing  and Certification / Re-Certification

Talurit Test Bed - DNV Certified

MOM Certification & Re-Certification / Rewewal

Inhouse Certification

3rd Party Certification

Destructive and Non-Destructive Test

Lifting Equipment / Gears need to be examined and issued with certification at regular intervals by an Authorized Examiner, as stipulated in the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations


Our team expertise, partnering with the registered (MOM) authorized examiners can assist your organization with the necessary testing and certifications on your lifting equipment/ gears to meet the industry standards and requirements to achieve the goal of having a safe working environment which is of paramount importance. 


Feel free to  CONTACT US  regarding your organizations' testing and certification of lifting gears...


What are the Lifting Equipment to be Registered?


The information below is extracted from MOM - WSH circular- dated 19th Jun 2020  for reference.

*For latest update, always refer to MOM website 


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